Detailed Investigation
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Under the terms of Board Decision No. 38 of 2017, DD38 CETESB, based on the MCA 2 conceptual model, the environmental investigation seeks an adequate characterization of the area of occurrence of contaminants, establishing the technical conditions for conducting a stage of representative risk assessment. To this end, the following points should be addressed:

  • Physical environment characterization of where the contamination is located.
  • Determination of the chemical substances of interest concentrations in the different environment evaluated.
  • Defining the three-dimensional limits of the contamination plumes and estimate the present mass of contaminants.
  • Characterize the interest chemicals potential transport into the different environments assessed
  • Characterize the exposure scenarios needed to carry out the environmental risk assessment step
  • Generate the detailed investigation report, which should contain the conceptual model 3 (MCA 3), which will provide the necessary input for the risk assessment and intervention plan development.