Environmental Monitoring
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Environmental monitoring consists of carrying out measurements and/or specific observations, directed at indicators and parameters, with the purpose of verifying whether certain environmental impacts are occurring, its magnitude can be sized and the efficiency of any preventive and/or remedial measures adopted can be evaluated.

Sampling, recording and monitoring information on interest chemicals or other representative indicators is the focus of environmental monitoring. Monitoring well’s groundwater using chemical analysis is an important tool in the environmental control plan, which accompanies the conditions of environmental permits.

The planning of environmental monitoring activities involves:

  • The definition of the indicators / parameters to be evaluated
  • The method and means to be used
  • The sampling or collection site
  • The frequency of data collection

Environmental monitoring provides knowledge and basic information to assess the presence of contaminants, to understand environmental systems and to support management policies, thus the results of environmental monitoring will subsidize:

  • planning measures
  • monitoring measures
  • recovery measures
  • preservation measures
  • conservation measures