Management and Technical Supervision of Environmental Works
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EBP Brasil and its qualified team with vast experience, offers the Management and Technical Supervision of Environmental Works, aiming to meet the quality standards of environmental agencies and the public.

To achieve the project objectives, the work must be planned and managed, during the entire execution time until its completion, therefore, planning and management are the main tools for the successful implementation of an environmental work.

The project planning allows the elaboration and definition of goals and procedures, according to deadlines and costs foreseen with suppliers and clients, thus guaranteeing the efficiency in the execution of the work.

Construction Management is a dynamic process that occurs during the entire period of the work, managing people from all technical levels, suppliers and customers.

The Management and Technical Supervision team operates in management and compliance following technical, environmental, and occupational health and safety standards.

The main services offered in the environmental works management are:

  • Planning and management of planned works Removal Plan
  • Technical Supervision and Supervision of the activities performed (manpower management and safety)
  • Occupational controls of activities (health and safety plan application)
  • Preparation of a final report on the completion of services.