Georeferenced Data Management System (GIS)
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We constantly interact with tools that use our geographical position to offer us products and services.

Similarly, in many industrial activities it is possible to correlate information such as: quantity, volume and mass; to a certain geographical position. Examples of this are river flows monitoring, garbage collection service routes, waste disposal sites, intensity of air pollution / rain, among others.

EBP Brazil has solutions that improve the processes in which the "location" component plays a crucial role, by building specific solutions for several industrial segments. They are developed from system evaluations, modeling, concepts and studies to customized workflows and analysis tools implementation.

We have been business partners with ESRI for many years, and so we are very familiar with the ESRI GIS portfolio. In addition, we use FME, R, HADOOP and OPEN-SOURCE products in many projects.

EBP Brazil offers to its clients:

  • Strategic, organizational and process environmental consulting: We develop strategies, studies and concepts that allow your organization to optimize the use of digital information and information systems.
  • Analysis:  Using  spatial  analysis  and  statistics,  we  answer  interdisciplinary questions that arise in areas such as mobility, infrastructure, security, environment and spatial planning.
  • Data Models: We work closely with you to develop data models that are tailored to your needs. Our precise analysis of requirements ensures that you will be able to use and manage your data effectively and efficiently.
  • Tools:  We  develop  customized  improvements  to  geographic  information systems, from specifying requirements to implementing the desired tool for your IT environment.