Due Diligence
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The objective of Environmental Due Diligence is to prepare a document that presents an evaluation of the legal conformity of the environmental aspects existing in the site (environmental due diligence compliance), following the standards of the applicable legislation, as well as evidence, signs or facts that allow suspecting the existence of contamination in the area of the site.

In a Due Diligence several areas of the company, including the environmental one, are usually audited by specialized teams (fiscal, labor / HR, assets, etc) to compose a document that will subsidize the buying and selling process. EBP Brasil offers services related to environmental Due Diligence.

Due Diligence audits may follow guidelines established by the following standards and norms:

  • Standard Practice for Environmental Site Assessment (ASTM) E1527-13, adapted and expanded to meet the particularities of each work.
  • Relevant ABNT NBR standards.
  • Regulatory standards for health and safety compliance due diligence