Flood Risk Analysis Study
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Especially in more urbanized areas, floods cause losses and great concern to businesses and society. EBP Brasil has been a partner of many companies
assessing the risks of floods, consequences and options for mitigation or reduction of losses.

In addition, increased risks related to lower weather predictability and changes in the local physical environment place many facilities at imminent risk and with losses and damage that can even harm the sustainability of the business.

In this context, EBP Brasil's team performs:

  • analysis of the local topographical context and aspects relating to the micro- basin;
  • analysis of frequency and intensity of climatological events;
  • calculation of flood areas by recurrence interval;
  • potential for intensification (climate change, municipal master plan, etc.);
  • relationship of loss and damage versus intensity and probability of critical events;
  • possible mitigating actions prioritization analysis.