Water Sustainability
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The episodes of water scarcity or water crisis in Brazil, which have recurred in recent years, may generate doubts and insecurity for companies such as: is there enough water for the development of my activities? what are the risks of lack of water? how can I reduce these risks? how can I contribute to maintaining water availability? The Sustainability Water study aims to answer these questions.

The company's Water Sustainability represents the balance between local water availability and its demands. It is an important assessment of the activities dependence on water resources, measuring the durability/sustainability of its activities, including in situations of water crisis.

The initial stages, which provide the basis for this study, are: water balance of the company, identification of the main uses and essential uses and assessment of water availability in the region.

The scope of this study is quite broad and, therefore, EBP Brasil structures the study in a way oriented to meet the needs of your company.