Imagem de uma máquina sobre entulhos de uma construção civil

Certain environmental assessment procedures are essential when considering the acquisition of a property – and the fast pace of the real estate market decision-making process requires an equally swift environmental assessment. In São Paulo, for instance, there are a significant number of former industrial sites that can be now recovered for new uses.

With its extensive know-how, Geoklock can provide clients in the real estate market expert services aimed at adding value and speeding the decision-making process. Geoklock engineering technical manager Ulysses Mourão explains: “This work is focused on market niches such as Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A), Brownfields and Greenfields, primarily in the states of São Paulo and Paraná.”

According to Mourão, Geoklock is now offering new products that can provide an environmental assessment of a property prior to its acquisition, i.e.: during the negotiation stage. These tools can provide data that enable one to understand what must be done in a site, and at what cost. Geoklock can thus help clients identify the best use of a property and the development of a project’s conceptual layout.

“With these services, our clients can recognize what investment is required and how long it will take. This allows them to negotiate with the seller; they can better assess a project’s financial return; and it gives them the option to clean up and build at the same time – a great advantage that can be crucial in making the implementation of a real estate project viable,” said Mourão.

Vinicius Ambrogi, an environmental technical manager with Geoklock, explained: “We have technologies that can enable a broad understanding of a site’s environmental conditions. We use high-resolution investigations that provide online data, in the field – and this can optimize the advancement of boreholes for site assessment.”

In the field of M&A, such technologies can streamline the assessment of a prospective site, with the identification of specific issues, opportunities and risks. Mourão informed: “We can conduct Quick Risk Analyses, Detailed or Limited Due Diligences, and Quick Investigations. With this, our clients can identify the regulatory and environmental scenario, and obtain data to support a swift and informed decision-making process, avoiding loss of business opportunities.”

In Brownfields, the idea is to evaluate the potential for reuse of former industrial sites, adding value to investments aimed at environmental recovery, and to determine a region’s or a site’s potential occupation for development, while identifying the opportunities and risks involved. Alternatives for this process include Quick Risk Analysis, assessment of a site’s surroundings for Real Estate development Quick Investigation, Land valuation decision tool [Land valoration decision tool], Intervention Plan, Decommissioning Plan, and Construction Work Management.

The identification of a site’s environmental and regulatory scenario supports the decision-making process, as it can guide the buyer or seller in determining the best use of a property, as well as the cost-benefit analysis of the required remediation actions.

Another of Geoklock’s areas of expertise consists of services associated with Green Buildings. Geoklock can define sustainable engineering concepts, sustainable engineering designs and sustainable solutions in the economic, social and environmental spheres, so as to support environmental certification processes (e.g.: LEED). Geoklock can provide various services for the real estate market, including engineering design based on sustainable concept, construction management, environmental management, as well as the management of all waste materials generated during the implementation of a project.