Geoklock closed the month of August with a lecture on “The Real Estate market and environmental remediation: a North-American perspective.” The lecture, which took place at the Geoklock headquarters, was given by LANGAN’s vice-president/principal and director of remediation technology, Stewart Abrams.

Vista de São Paulo do prédio Geoklock

LANGAN, a US-based company that was established around 50 years ago, has projects in more than 80 countries and is a renowned premium engineering & environment consultancy with a strong presence in the Real Estate market.

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Abrams presented tools developed by the City of New York to stimulate brownfield acquisition and recovery, so as to attract real estate companies and promote local economic development. The lecture also included the presentation of cases of environmental remediation projects carried out by LANGAN for the real estate market.

Equipe acompanhando apresentação e apontamentos de Rubens Spina, CEO Geoklock/EBP.

Geoklock’s executive engineering manager, Ulysses Mourão, closed the event with a presentation of a new service the company is providing for the real estate market, which consists of expert technical consultancy and support in the acquisition of impacted sites for real estate development.

The goal is to support clients during negotiations involving the acquisition of brownfields, since greenfield areas are becoming increasingly scarce and selling for higher prices, and that can often make a project unviable. This makes sense also in the wake of new zoning regulations established for the City of São Paulo that promote the use of areas with denser occupation and of old, abandoned factories.

Around 40 people attended the event, including professionals from the real estate market, asset management companies and law firms.