In order to expand its field of work, on October 30th, 2019, Geoklock is inaugurating its new office in the city of Belém, in the state of Pará, in the north of Brazil.

foto aérea da cidade de Belém, no Pará.

Geoklock – a forerunner environmental consultancy in Brazil – selected the state of Pará based on its potential for significant growth for new businesses and innovation, as well as due to its position within a setting of great environmental visibility. The new offices inauguration will be at the Elephant Coworking, and invitees include representatives of environmental agencies, local universities, and national and multinational companies.

The state of Pará has many unique characteristics, such as the local culture, people, natural resources, and strategic geographic position in relation to national and international markets. Pará is currently undergoing significant development and still holds immense potential, particularly in the areas of infrastructure, mining, logistics, agriculture and animal farming. This is corroborated by the state’s recent growth in port activities.

With more than 7.5 million inhabitants, Pará has the largest population in the North Region of Brazil, as well as the largest GDP. It houses the Belém Port, Miramar Port, Outeiro Port, Vila do Conde Port, Santarém Port, Itaituba Port, Óbidos Port, Altamira Port, São Francisco Port and Marabá Port.

Geoklock’s CEO, Rubens Spina, as well as Pará project leaders Gabriel Bedani and Vinicius Ambrogi, stated that Geoklock wishes to be present and a part of this new growth, providing sustainable and innovative environmental solutions for the local society and clients, and putting the company’s expertise to good use. Geoklock is a forerunner in the environmental field in Brazil, having been established for over 40 years in the country. “We will start by providing our traditional services, such as environmental investigation, permitting support, auditing and confirmatory investigation,” they explained.

Respecting the local culture and knowledge exchange will provide the foundations for Geoklock’s work in Pará. “We realize the importance of being present in this region in terms of the exchange of experiences and technologies that can add value. Our motivation is to bring technical knowledge to promote perspectives for sustainable development, ensuring the application of preventative elements in ours projects. In this manner, we can foster actions that will bring permanent and even greater positive impacts,” said Ambrogi.

Geoklock | Belém do Pará
Avenida Governador José Malcher, 153, Nazaré
Elephant Coworking