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To us, effective bespoke service design is a matter of enabling a seamless user journey across all of a service’s digital and physical touchpoints. We design entire service processes across all touchpoints with the aim of creating a harmonic service experience that helps to ensure user satisfaction and achieve the desired outcomes.


People have increasingly high expectations of any service they receive. Today, this development is paired with a general shift towards exclusively digital service transaction. Examples abound: Planners need access to up-to-date or real-world data. Citizens are expected to fill out online forms or make use of web tools to register for services, pay their taxes, and generally participate in public life. People with significantly varying degrees of prior knowledge search for information on renovations aimed to enhance energy efficiency.

We design total service processes to enable holistic user experiences, all the way from the first touchpoint to the desired outcome. Such targeted user guidance enables people to intuitively interact with complex systems and come away with the feeling of having experienced a convenient service process that was appropriate to their needs.

User-centered design

We begin by conducting user-centered research according to the precepts of user-centered design and examining both the service process and users (social design). We then visualize the process as a user journey to create a basis for the specification and implementation of smart solutions.

Applying proven methods of co-creation, we remain agile until the final user tests, ensuring solutions that quickly and conveniently lead to the desired goal. Our solutions are customized and comprehensive, covering everything from prototypes to digital implementation.

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