After a longstanding interest on the part of its residents in urban renewal, the Swiss town of Birsfelden has initiated a project aimed at developing and revitalizing its town center. To achieve an optimally balanced revitalization, the municipality decided to transfer the development of the available properties to a variety of lessees. Working on behalf of the municipality, we managed the lessee evaluation and selection process from start to finish.


Our services

  • Conceptualization, organization, execution, and documentation of the entire evaluation process
  • Drafting of all tendering and application documents
  • Supporting the call to tender and provision of responses to applicant questions
  • Drafting of the evaluation criteria
  • Review and evaluation of the submitted applications
  • Organization and execution of the applicants’ presentations and examinations
  • Securing of substantive and processual interfaces to the existing district-development plan

Picture Credits: © Harry Gugger Studio, Basel | Westpol Landschaftsarchitektur, Basel | Visualisierung: nightnurse, Zürich

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