What types and sources of radiation warrant concern in the Canton of Zurich? Commissioned by the Canton of Zurich’s Office of Waste, Water, Energy and Air (AWEL), EBP has helped to develop a 60-page, extensively illustrated brochure to give readers an intuitive overview of the relevant radiation hazards.


We are surrounded by natural and manmade sources of radiation. While radiation is often useful and necessary, certain types of radiation pose health risks. At the direction of the Zurich Government Council, the Cantonal Office of Waste, Water, Energy and Air (AWEL) has drafted a brochure to outline the various types of radiation in the Canton of Zurich, identified specific hazards and proposed measures to minimize the risks. In addition to providing substantive and methodological support, EBP created the layout for the 60-page brochure.

Infographics, icons and colors for accessibility

Starting with the Canton of Zurich’s corporate design, we created a color concept, infographics and icons to make it easier for readers to find and process the information provided in the brochure about the various types and sources of radiation.

The infographics also give readers a means of comprehending at a glance the relevance of each type of radiation for the population and the environment. The generous use of images helps to illustrate the various sources of radiation and create a quick connection to the subject of radiation.

The brochure was compiled as part of a project entitled Radiation Hazards in the Canton of Zurich.


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