Our transportation experts worked out a general transportation concept for the region of Aarau. Our EBP communications team then drafted a summary of the 80-page report to give business leaders, lawmakers, municipal representatives, and the general public a brief introduction to the main strategic considerations addressed in the concept. Taking a digital approach, we created the summary in a manner that allowed us to conveniently integrate it into the Canton of Aargau’s existing website. We also edited the contents with an eye to accessibility and visual appeal. The digital outline effectively enables the target groups to gain quick access to clear presentation of the concept.

Die Prozessgrafik veranschaulicht die im Konzept vorgesehenen Etappen und Kontrollmechanismen, um die Ziele zu erreichen
The flow chart illustrates the stages and control mechanisms called for in the concept to help ensure achievement of the stated goals

Our services

  • Consulting for target-group-specific communications
  • Content and design concept
  • Interaction concept for website
  • Text editing
  • Infographics and flow charts
  • Proposal for the integration of contents on cantonal website
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