The Zurich Power Company (ewz) has launched a project to restore and optimize a site it operates in the Swiss municipality of Herdern. The purpose of the project is to establish a second headquarters for the company’s Networks business division in the grounds of the existing premises on Pfingstweid Street. The project’s scope includes the implementation of a new workspace concept featuring both fixed and non-territorial workspaces. With its office-space expertise, our EBP team accompanied the project throughout the planning stage. We also supported ewz by providing comprehensive, phase-specific consulting services relating to the spatial and organizational aspects of the project.


Our services

  • Preliminary site and project assessment and drafting of a proposal for processing the workspace concept during the planning phase
  • Definition of superordinate goals and guiding principles
  • Drafting of a modular expansion and furniture concept for fixed and non-territorial workspaces, including area-calculation standard
  • Facilitation of workshops to flesh out the concept and further specify its implementation in the project
  • Recording of results in the specifications manual and drafting of the space-allocation plan and ewz-wide workspace concept

Picture: Concept for innovative workspace. Picture Credits: © EBP

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