The trains of the Central Railway Line now travel to and from Luzern’s main train station in an underground tunnel. The old railway line is therefore available for redevelopment. Working together with city-of-Luzern experts, EBP has been assigned to carry out a crime prevention assessment of the area along the route of the old railway line.


The Central Railway connects the city of Luzern to its surrounding municipalities. After operating above ground for decades, the railway line was recently relocated below ground. As a result, a new public space has arisen where the trains used to run above ground.

In order to prevent the area from turning into a crime zone or a no-go area, the city of Luzern has undertaken to evaluate the area along the route of the old railway line according to the latest findings in the field of crime prevention through environmental design. Working together with the crime prevention expert Christian Weicht, EBP provided its consulting services to the Luzern Office of the Environment, Transportation and Safety.

EBP and Christian Weicht completed the following tasks:

  • Introductory presentation to convey the basics of crime prevention through environmental design to various representatives of agencies of the city of Luzern
  • Organization and completion of on-location inspection designed to sensitize participants to opportunities for the development of crime zones and no-go areas; derivation of suitable measures
Kriminalpräventive Beurteilung Zentralbahntrassee Luzern
On-location inspection with Christian Weicht (center) to assess possible opportunities for crime development
  • Crime prevention assessment of the entire former railway line on the basis of current development plans with the use of the “Crime Mapping Marker” developed by Christian Weicht
Kriminalpräventive Beurteilung Zentralbahntrassee Luzern
Follow-up discussion with the use of crime mapping markers
  • Documentation of results and submission of recommendations on how to implement measures

Afterwards our findings were used as a basis for further planning in the area along the route of the old central railway line.

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