To what extent are the fire brigades ready to respond to normal, special and extraordinary situations? What are the limitations of the current system? EBP developed a method of evaluating the mission readiness of Liechtenstein’s firefighters.


The Firefighters are the largest emergency services organisation in Liechtenstein. The eleven fire brigades that make up the association play an important role in responding to numerous daily incidents, as well as in preventing and managing the impact of major incidents, including large-scale emergencies and catastrophes.

To what extent are the various fire brigades really ready to fulfil their performance mandate? What tasks are they especially well-prepared to handle? Are there any areas in which they are less well prepared? What measures would be suitable to eliminate any readiness weaknesses?

EBP developed a set of uniform criteria that can be used to evaluate the current mission readiness of the Liechtenstein fire brigades. Using the established criteria and various scenarios, an evaluation of the mission readiness of the fire brigades for normal, special and extraordinary missions was carried out in close cooperation with firefighter officers and employees of the Liechtenstein Civil Protection Agency.

Picture Credits: Landespolizei Liechtenstein