Working on behalf of the Canton of Schwyz, EBP has developed tools that can be used within FME to make the task of updating linearly referenced data much easier.


Linear referencing allows one to accurately represent locations in a coordinate system along linear geographic features such as streets and waterways. While this type of spatial representation offers clear advantages for some applications (e.g. for recording events such as traffic accidents or dam breaches), updating the features in question can be very time-consuming.

Working on behalf of the Canton of Schwyz, EBP has developed various tools to simplify the process of updating linearly referenced data. These tools are available to the Canton of Schwyz as so-called custom transformers for Safe Software FME. They can thus be easily combined with FME’s existing versatile functionality.

FME is a high performance software product that is used to analyse and transform data. The software supports more than 300 different data formats, with a focus on geodata processing. EBP applies FME in many projects for facilitating the task of analysing and processing large amounts of geodata. Our employee Jürg Mannes has been recognised as an FME Certified Professional by Safe Software.

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