The Swiss Disabilities Act calls for all railway stations and public-transportation access points to be barrier-free by the year 2024. What is the best way to ensure that travelers with limited mobility have appropriate access to public-transportation services? To answer this question, we examined the relevant railway infrastructure, railway vehicles and their interaction. We used our findings to identify the measures necessary for barrier-free access. The expertise we acquired enables us to support railway infrastructure operators to efficiently meet the legal requirements.


Our services

  • Analyzing the existing infrastructure data provided by the railway operators
  • Processing and digitalization of the relevant infrastructure data: track cant, platform height, stopping point boards
  • Recording of rolling stock and line data: track use per direction of travel, railcar compositions, locations of barrier-free access doors
  • Drafting of the line concepts to comply with the Swiss Disability Act
  • Presentation of line compliance findings in accordance with the Swiss Disability Act
  • Recommendation of appropriate structural, communication and operational measures

Picture Credits: © EBP, Nicolaas de Vries

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