For the municipality of Steffisburg in the Swiss canton of Bern, we modeled the future demand for charging of electric vehicles and identified the best locations for publicly accessible charging infrastructure in neighborhoods and at places of public interest. We dimensioned the charging infrastructure at these locations and estimated the costs. Finally, we drew up an operator model and a planned income statement for the refinancing of municipal expenditure. The municipality is now ready to implement the charging network.


Our services

  • Forecasting the development of electromobility based on EBP scenarios with vehicle population and charging requirements (up to 2050)
  • Estimating and analyzing the spatial distribution of charging demand per user group and charging need
  • Identifying and prioritizing locations for charging in neighborhoods and at places of public interest
  • Determining the technical specifications for each location
  • Formulating possible operator models and selection; planned income statement
  • Estimating costs and drafting an action plan

Picture Credits: pixabay.com, andreas160578

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