Environmental pollutants typically enter bodies of water through accidents, improper handling and wastewater discharge. Following two incidents involving the discharge of chemical pollutants into Lake Constance, the Canton of St.Gallen’s Governing Council chose to review the cantonal enforcement in the field of environmental chemicals to prevent future discharges into water bodies more effectively. An internal administrative project aims to show the status quo and determine possible optimization measures. We supported the process as external project managers.


Our services

  • Obtaining information and assessing existing tasks and processes from eleven specialist departments involved
  • Designing and conducting seven workshops with two internal cantonal project teams
  • Structuring, presenting and critically reviewing the content obtained
  • Describing the status quo using a cross-department impact model; presenting the need for action, and overseeing the identification and development of suitable measures
  • Providing support to the cantonal project management team

Image: The Canton of St.Gallen seeks to better protect its bodies of water against environmental pollutants.

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