The Swiss district of March has seen above-average population growth in recent years. Despite this growth and correspondingly favorable developments in the district’s job market, significant potential for settlement development in the district’s municipalities has been left unexploited.

Working on behalf of the canton of Schwyz, we developed a strategy to facilitate urban development at specific key locations within the district of March. The strategy identifies a total of four locations that could contribute significantly to development in the form of densification while also boosting the economic vitality and attractiveness of the respective local communities.


Our services

  • Analysis of planning and traffic-related prerequisites
  • Identification of prospective locations for renewal and densification
  • Assessment of the degree to which the locations are suitable for development
  • Proposal for a new classification to take account of the proposed development locations in the cantonal development plan
  • Creation of site profiles for the development locations (including statements concerning usage, density, typology, and access and development concepts)
  • Definition of processes for the relevant cantonal and municipal agencies

Picture Credits: © EBP

Prospective locations for settlement densification
Site profile for possible development in the municipality of Lachen
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