Revenue and Finance
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As the world evolves, public agencies are increasingly looking for innovative funding sources and structures to achieve long-term financial stability. We work with these clients to evaluate existing and potential infrastructure and service funding mechanisms to explore opportunities and determine their impacts at the project, local, state, or national level. 

These funding mechanisms may include:

  • User fees (tolls, fares, mileage-based fees/road usage charges, fuel taxes, vehicle registration and title fees) 
  • Taxes (property and sales tax)  
  • Value capture mechanisms (such as development impact fees and negotiated exactions) 

We assess the capabilities required for successfully implementing funding sources and structures. By leveraging our expertise in novel data applications, we can quantify the differential impacts that each mechanism may have on a given project, area, or community, today and in the future. 

We provide our clients with the insights they need to compare funding structures and make data-informed decisions when selecting and implementing revenue systems considering constraints such as legal, technical, and political feasibility. We help clients communicate the impact of their current fees and alternatives, as well as the consequence of not meeting funding requirements. In this way, we can also help clients look at fairness in terms of both source of funds and use of funds under different alternatives.