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EBP designs and builds powerful, structured decision-support tools that help our clients evaluate, compare, and prioritize projects and policies. 

Going beyond traditional economic analysis tools, we can create customized tools that include considerations such as equity, job quality, land valuation, and spatial detail. This lets regional agencies optimize their planning, evaluation, and project selection while answering questions related to important factors like accessibility, job growth, quality-of-life, and development pressures. 

Our TREDIS software also allows for project comparison using equity and economic impact considerations. With the multi-criteria comparison capability, planning agencies can apply weights, compare, and score projects based on metrics such as social benefits, demographic percentages, and vehicle-miles-traveled. With TREDPLAN, state and regional agencies can evaluate long-term risks and opportunities associated with future change. For more information, visit TREDIS.com

Whether planning for the short- or long-term, our software tools support informed, data-driven decision-making.