Guidebooks and Training
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Guidebooks and training play a critical role in making research actionable. They inform decision-makers and planners about best practices and available resources and guide them to rely on appropriate tools, methods, and strategies. 

EBP is deeply involved in and committed to national and international best practice research, and to supporting organizational development and learning. We have authored guidebooks and training resources across a variety of topic areas ranging from economic impact assessment to strategic planning, and data management. Our guidance products are tailored to their audiences, often using navigation tools that allow users to find relevant information. 

We will work with you to deliver the appropriate mix of materials and training to meet your organization’s goals. These may include: 

  • Interactive worksheets and checklists 
  • Self-assessment resources 
  • Illustrative examples and case studies 
  • Videos and online training 
  • In-person workshops 
  • Web-based tools 
  • Narrative explanations with hyperlinks for further information 
  • FAQs and glossaries of terms 
  • Searchable databases