Intercity Passenger Rail
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Intercity passenger rail plays many roles, serving commuter, tourism, student, and other markets. We support state departments of transportation, rail operators, and federal agencies in assessments of the benefits and impacts of passenger rail to guide investment and policy decisions.  With expertise in economic impact analysis, economic development, and market analysis, we are uniquely positioned to evaluate the impacts of intercity passenger rail at all levels, from local station-area impacts to metrics at the state, regional, and national level. Our services include:

  1. Benefit-cost and economic impact analysis of proposed projects, including support for competitive federal grants
  2. Evaluating the local and regional economic development impacts of new rail services,
  3. Multi-perspective Business Case Return on Investment (ROI) analysis, a method we established that estimates benefit for multiple geographies and levels of government
  4. Case study analysis, including qualitative methods (interviews) and quantitative analysis to describe markets served by intercity rail and key benefits, including efficiency impacts, as well as wider benefits related to equity and the environment
  5. Access analysis, showing how intercity rail helps people, especially those without access to cars, reach opportunities, including work, school, and medical destinations.
  6. Station-area economic development evaluation, considering local development and job impacts


EBP's intercity passenger rail services include:

  1. Documenting the economic market and impact of passenger rail service to local communities,
  2. Evaluating the local and regional economic development impacts of new rail services,
  3. Predicting the local land development implications of proposed new rail stations,
  4. Evaluating the market for enhancing intercity rail service,
  5. Measuring public cost and tax revenues associated with changes in intercity rail service, and
  6. Conducting benefit/cost and economic impact analysis for proposed rail service enhancements.

EBP’s leadership in the field of high speed rail is demonstrated by the firm’s lead role in national studies for the US Conference of Mayors and supporting role in national work for the American Public Transit Association. These studies also address issues of intermodal connectivity as well as cluster and smart growth around station areas.


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