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EBP brings our expertise in transportation planning and economic impact modeling to transit, where we help agencies understand the impact that transit services have in their region. We work for transit operators as well as national, state, and regional transportation agencies across the US, conducting economic impact and social benefit analysis, researching best practices, and building specialized tools to aid agencies in their planning and decision-making.

EBP’s transit services include:

  1. Conducting benefit-cost and economic impact analysis for whole systems or proposed transit investments
  2. Communicating the value of transit in advancing community goals including economic development, livability, equity, sustainability, and safety
  3. Performing access analysis for systems or proposed improvements to determine how far people must travel to jobs, medical facilities, grocery stores, education, or other key destinations
  4. Researching best practices related to intelligent transportation systems (ITS), workforce management, transit-oriented development, innovative finance, and data coordination
  5. Developing specialized tools for transit performance and impact